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When it comes to diagnosing, and treating venous disease, no other facility in the region can match the expertise of the providers at Venia. Dr. Stafford and his care team will meticulously review your symptoms, diagnose your specific problem, and explain all treatment options. Weather you have painful varicose veins, leg swelling, venous ulcers, or cosmetic spider veins, you will appreciate the warm, inviting atmosphere in our beautiful River Stone location.

The gold standard for diagnosing venous disease is the diagnostic ultrasound. The ultrasound allows Dr. Stafford to look under your skin at your veins to determine the underlying source of your specific vein problem. Weather you have varicose vein, leg swelling, or spider veins, the ultrasound will guide the formulation of your specific treatment plan. Dr. Stafford preforms all the diagnostic ultrasounds himself and often at the time of the initial consultation.

The old surgical stripping of veins is a thing of the past. Endoluminal laser ablation is a procedure in which a smaller laser catheter is passed into the malfunctioning vein under ultrasound guidance through a tiny incision. The laser will burn the vein shut from the inside effectively reliving symptom caused by the malfunctioning vein. This is all done in the office under local anesthesia and no stiches involved resulting in excellent cosmetic results. Many patients are back to work the next day and full activity in 3 days. At Venia, we utilize the Dornier 940 Diode Laser due to its long proven track record of superior results.

In some cases, we will recommend a surgical procedure like Vein Ligation. It’s a minor surgery used to remove or tie off a damaged vein. An incision is made near the vein, and then we tie off sutures to isolate the vein and prevent back flow into it. This procedure may be performed on more than one vein during the same procedure.

Sclerotherapy has been a mainstay of treating smaller varicose veins and the blue veins that you can see through your skin for many years. The saline injections that you hear so much about are sclerotherapy. At Venia, we only use FDA approved medication for our treatments. The visible veins are injected with a very small needle and compression stockings are applied. Patients are allowed to drive themselves home or can return to work immediately after. It can take up to one month for the veins to disappear and may take more than one treatment depending on how many veins you have.

We maintain in-depth experience in the use of superficial laser for treating spider veins. Specifically, we utilize the Dornier MedTech Flexipulse laser – a state-of- the-art laser for such treatment. By aiming the laser at the spider veins, the diode laser is absorbed by the hemoglobin. The spider vein heats up and is burned shut from the inside, and is thus eliminated.

We employ the most innovative methods to deliver comfort and satisfaction for all patients. So when it comes to the removal or disruption of the dilated, superficial, ropey-like veins, we use Micro Phlebectomy. This procedure is used to treat painful and unsightly varicose veins – it’s most effective for veins that are too large for sclerotherapy and too small for laser treatments.

These are stockings for the 21st century. Compression stockings or graduated compression stockings are universally recommended for both non-surgical and surgical treatment of varicose veins. A range of fabrics and styles are available to meet comfort and fashion preferences.

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