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Our team is committed to providing an effective medical, nutrition, fitness and stress management solution to maximize your quality of life and reduce age-related disease progression. The program is designed to target the underlying cause of age-related diseases by providing a comprehensive and ongoing medical assessment, a sensible nutrition plan, enjoyable physical activities, and successful stress management techniques designed to meet your personal needs over time.

Douglas Stafford, MD | Jarae, Clinical Exercise Physiologist

We know quality of life is essential to continuing to live a comfortable life, well into the future. We invite you to talk to our Age Management team to get a better understanding of how we can help reduce age-related disease progression. Through a comprehensive medical assessment we’ll obtain the knowledge needed to put in a place a life strategy that keeps you strong and healthy, and helps minimize stress.

  • 12 month program, medical, nutrition and fitness evaluations
  • Continuous medical testing to include comprehensive laboratory work and DXA body composition studies
  • Program guidebook featuring practical, evidenced-based guidelines for additional self-assessment
  • Program cookbook with recipes accommodating a variety of dietary preferences
  • 120-day supply of essential, nutritional supplements
  • 10% off all aesthetic services
  • 30-day enrollment at an affiliate fitness facility
  • Devoted program support designed to promote your success


1. Develop an understanding of your immediate and future health-related needs
2. Establish an initial age management plan


1. Develop a greater understanding of your individual health-related needs
2. Identify effective ways to achieve your health-related goals
3. Evolve your comprehensive age management plan


1. Achieve confidence in your understanding of your individual health-related needs
2. Navigating a variety of ways to achieve your short-term and long-term health-related goals
3. Implementing your comprehensive age management plan


1. Identify your immediate and future health-related needs
2. Establish a long-term age management plan

I cannot turn on a TV or read a news article without seeing the latest “magic pill” promising to bring me weight loss, increase my energy, and ignite my sex drive. The vast amount of misinformation on healthy aging makes it hard for anyone to know what to believe and who to trust. Three years ago I exercised regularly and ate what I thought were good foods in effort to engage in a healthy, active lifestyle with my family. Despite this, I experienced weight gain, low energy, elevated blood pressure, pre diabetic markers and had to take medication for high cholesterol. Something had to change— both my health and quality of life depended on it. Seeking answers, I pursued further medical training and certification on age management medicine (AMM), which focuses on treating the underlying cause of chronic disease to restore optimal body function and improve quality of life. During my extensive training, I realized that I was personally experiencing everything that I was being taught. Once I completed my training, I immediately made a plan and incorporated the necessary changes into my lifestyle. The results were phenomenal! I have lost excessive body fat, gained critical muscle mass and have much more energy. My blood sugar and blood pressure are now normal, and I am off—yes, off— of my cholesterol medication. I have not only added years to my life, but life to my years.

This life-changing experience has inspired me to transform the way that I practice medicine. To help my patients and community experience similar successes, I decided to start an AMM program of my own. At Venia Age Management Medicine, I am pleased to provide you with a medically supervised program that includes effective medical, nutrition, and fitness solutions to maximize quality of life while reducing chronic disease progression. Our services target the underlying cause of chronic diseases by providing you with comprehensive and ongoing medical assessment and testing, a sensible nutrition plan, and enjoyable physical activities to meet your personal needs over time. Throughout your program, our team will support your progress with frequent follow-ups to refine your program based on your health status and unique needs.

Douglas Stafford, MD

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